Ibanez S670QM S Series Electric Guitar Sapphire Blue

Ibanez S S670QM-SPB Electric Guitar Review


Ibanez S670QM S Series Electric Guitar Sapphire Blue

Today’s product under review was rolled out by Ibanez during its latest NAMM show. The gorgeous blue sapphire electric guitar primarily targets beginner and intermediate level players’ segment. One of the most talked about characteristics of this piece of beauty is its signature thin mahogany body.

It makes the guitar thin and lightweight. It almost feels like an extension of your body. Even after jamming for hours, you don’t feel the slightest tinge of fatigue. However, the thinness of the body doesn’t make Ibanez S S670QM compromise on the range of tone and responsiveness of the guitar.


Ibanez S670QM

Wondering whether this guitar is worth all the penny? Go on and read our in-depth review and decide for yourself.

Ibanez S S670QM-SPB Electric Guitar Highlights:

Let’s take a quick look at the key features that make Ibanez S S670QM a beast of a guitar that it is. Before we get to that, here’s a fact you should know. The Ibanez S S670QM is an updated version of Ibanez S Sf70QM and borrows many of its prominent features.

  • 3-D, double-cut shape made of mahogany. Transparent finish and features a quilted maple top- a striking feature in all S series guitars.
  • The neck type is Wizard III maple neck which is a welcome feature for fast players.
  • 3-piece neck construction.
  • Six saddled Edge-zero II tremolo bridge aids ultimate playing comfort and impeccable resonance of sound.
  • Stud-lock function for great tuning stability.
  • Rosewood fretboard w/Off-set white dot inlay with 24 jumbo-sized frets, highly suitable for fast and complex fretwork.
  • Classic H/S/H pickup pattern. (Neck pickup- Humbucker, Middle pickup- Single-coil, Bridge Pickup- Humbucker).
  • 5-position blade pickup switch.

Reasons You Should Buy Ibanez S S670QM-SPB Electric Guitar

Impeccable Design

The double-cut mahogany body with a beautiful quilted top, a flat yet broad neck,

all rolled into a gorgeous sapphire blue body makes it a guitar worth showing off to your folks. The mahogany body makes the guitar thin and feels extremely comfortable against the body. Being lightweight, it also makes the guitar twice as responsive as its heavier counterparts.

The infallible combination of quilted maple top and mahogany back helps to squeeze out a very balanced tone. The clarity of the mids is remarkable, to say the least.


Ibanez S S670QM-SPB Fretboard

For beginners, the fretboard may seem a little sharper than usual. However, you will  get used to it with time and practice. The Rosewood fingerboard has 24 jumbo frets along with Off-set dot inlays. However, we have slight qualms about the fact that the strings are placed too close to each other.


Ibanez S S670QM-SPB Quantum pickups

The passive Humbucker- Single coil-Humbucker pickup configuration results in a great tonal texture. The ceramic Humbuckers in the bridge position help to resonate intricate rhythm work beyond perfection. The Humbucker neck pickup is undoubtedly the best pickup among the three pups.

The alnico single-coil between the two Humbuckers produces mellower tones. You will love it if you are into Blues and Jazz. The middle pickup (ceramic neck Humbucker) rustles up pretty clean tones and is a great lead up pickup producing smooth midrange output.

With Humbuckers, you can play aggressive chords with character in panache in the blade position 2/4. But sometimes it creates buzz on the 6th string, making the mid pickup a bit noisy. Don’t let this turn you off as you can resolve this problem by simply recalibrating the strings.

Notwithstanding, we would have preferred a better pickup in the bridge to aid better harmonics in this configuration. Nonetheless, as stock pickups, they sound like Bomb. And if you are something of a perfectionist, you can spend an extra C-note or more to grab better pups along with heavier strings and make your guitar reflect your soul through your music.

Wizard III Neck

Ibanez S S670QM-SPB Wizard III Maple neck

The 3-piece maple neck with Wizard contour on this bad boy feels kind of vintage-y. It has a standard bolt-on joint. The neck is sturdy but thinner than most models you will see in this price range. However, you will get used to it eventually. If you have previously played a fast neck guitar, you will find its slim neck quite comfortable while playing arpeggios and fast runs.

Edge Zero II Tremolo Bridge

Edge-Zero II tremolo bridge

While there are better Tremolos for a better price, the Edge Zero II is responsive enough to help you pull off sharp bends with ease. It has stud lock function that facilitates a decent tuning stability.  You can jam for hours without the worry of your guitar going out of tune.

If you find the guitar going out of tune, even if you are not divebombing on the tremolo, then the floydrose system is to be held responsible for that. However,  a little tweaking of the truss rod will easily fix the issue. We understand that the double-locking system makes changing strings a pain. But in the long run, you will be happy to have this feature on your electric guitar.

Pros & Cons of Ibanez S S670QM-SPB Electric Guitar


  • Lightweight, fun and easy to play for long hours.
  • Wide tonal range
  • Thin Wizard III neck allows you to play fast runs effortlessly
  • Stud-lock system
  • Edge Zero II tremolo bridge is extremely responsive
  • Decent pickups


  • Fret buzz, especially on the 6th string
  • Fret edges are sharper than usual


The Bottom Line

So there you have it. The S670QM-SPB, with its low profile neck, decent pickups, and Edge Zero II tremolo providing good tuning stability renders itself as quite a package. Yes, there are better options with heavier strings and a better tremolo system if you are willing to pay the price. But if you are going to pick an electric guitar for the first time or yet to polish your skills, this will get the job done.

If the RF noise bugs you, you can easily cut it down by grabbing better pups. The most striking and useful aspect of this guitar is certainly its lightweight mahogany design. It goes easy on your back and harm so that you can play tirelessly for hours. That’s all for today’s segment. Hope this feature cleared all the clouds in your mind.

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