H6 Zoom Recorder

H6 Zoom Recorder Review

Zoom H6 Six-Track Portable Recorder

Zoom has over 30 years of innovation of sound and sound-related products. H6 Zoom Recorder is one of Zoom’s greatest and most sought-after sound products. Here are the features that make H6 a voice in the market:

Product Description

The package comes in a unit case with an H6 main set, X/Y Microphone, MS Microphone, SD Card, USB Cable, 4 AA batteries, a sponge windscreen, installation DVD and Operation manual.

H6 Zoom Recorder Review

For any hardware; there are several qualities that enable it to sell. Ease of use, H6 Zoom Recorderefficiency, and flexibility are among the top qualities. For H6 recorders, it’s the compatibility and portability.

H6 zoom recorder weighs 10 oz. Its dimensions are 3.06 Inches Wide X 6.01 Inches Deep X and 1.88 High. It has a battery life of 20 to 21 hours. The power supply does not come with the purchase though. You will have to source separately.

H6 has 1-4 connectors and each connector is a 1/8 Inches jack. Its input impedance is 2kl.

H6 Zoom recorder is not only a highly compatible device; it offers almost everything you get in a studio set but in a smaller, portable set. You have everything you require to capture high-quality audio anywhere you want to work from.
It’s suitable for short podcasts, film recordings, reporting, and documentaries. It can also be used by music bands that want to pre-record and experiment before final recording in a studio.

Zoom H6 recorder can fit with middle sides, X/Y or shotgun microphone. You can also use them as an extra pair with complete XLR/TRS combo input set. You can use H6 to record up to 6 tracks concurrently. For instance, you can include a stereo image, a narration, ambiance and several performers’ voices.

Having an extensive I/O (Input / Output) makes H6 zoom recorder highly functional and at a competing level with high-end professional films and television recorders. On the H6 device, there are 4 combo jacks that have a switchable -20 DB pad and a volume dial for each. These are the inputs that allow you to connect various accessories like extra microphones.

This recorder also has a modular expansion port that allows you to connect microphones such as mid-side capsules or the XY (already included). You also get a headphone and a line out on H6 and an inbuilt mono playback speaker for monitoring.

The recording screen though angled and well positioned for readability and mountable to a DSLR camera cannot work for a self-recording.

Field recording provides lots of missed recordings instances; maybe because of the care-free atmosphere. Zoom took care of that by providing the direct recording option. You can connect the device directly to a computer to ensure no data is lost.

H6 has a Bit rate of 16/24 and a frequency of 44.1/48/96kHz. It uses WAV AND MP3. The headphone and audio out jacks measure 3.5mm each.

This devices’ storage capacity is 128 GB boosted by the Support of SDXC. It has no hard drive.

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H6 Recorder Features

• 20 hours of recording using 4 AA batteries (Rechargeable NiMH).

• Top quality MP3s recording – up to 320kbps – for lengthy recordings

• High capacity SDXC- Up to 128 GB direct audio to SD capture. Cards usable as recording media enabling extended recording time span.

• Switchable independent volume controls – 20Db pads enable hands-on level control.

• The onboard monophonic speaker allows recordings review without external gear.

• Alternative USB power option – works whether you have a computer or not. The USB also supports storage in the computer.

• 24 bit/96kHz track professional BWF (Broadcast Wave Format) multi-track audio.

• Additional inputs – accessible through substitute capsules.

• H6 has 4 key inputs that take ¼ Inch. And another 2 accessible by using the top-fixed shell structure. (TRS – Un-balanced tip ring or balanced tip ring sleeve) or balanced XLR inputs

• Complete with on-board Microphone.

• You can record up to 6 tracks simultaneously.

• Color display (LCD) is positioned for easy and convenient readability even while attached on SLR camera.

• H6 can as well be used as an audio interface (2 IN and 2 OUT) or 6 IN and out when it’s connected to USB. A driver for 6 IN will be needed for windows use.

• Additional functions – also available in various H series are pitch adjustments, tuner, playback speed and a metronome.

• A wired remote control is also available, though optional.

Zoom H6 Six-Track Portable Recorder


    • H6 is suited with all basic functions for hardware controls which make it highly adaptable
    • It’s easy to swap the in-built microphones using the exchangeable input capsules
    • It is easily portable and fairly priced as compared to its peers.
    • H6 is one of the few SDXC compatible recorders’ in the market. Its recording options are also flexible
  • This zoom recorder has the ability to use 6 microphones (XY and Mid-side already included) and 4 additional ones.


    • The menu system tends to hide some valuable adjustment functions which make it complex to use for a new user.
    • Self-recording is not supported by H6. The screen angle cannot
  • 2GB storage capacity is too low for professional work. You are however able to connect directly to a computer using the provided USB cable.


In comparison with peer recorders like the Roland R-26, H6 proved a highly dependable device when it comes to simultaneous multiple recordings. The audio quality is also excellent and the interchangeable microphones make recording free flowing.

The opportunity to add four extra microphones – each made for a definite function makes H6 quite versatile. In addition, it’s one of the few recorders that are SDXC compatible. One of the things zoom would have considered is to add the compatibility storage level. SDXC’s have a capacity of 2TB but H6 is compatible with SDXC’s with a capacity of 128GB only.

For a new user, H6 may prove to be a bit complex. The controls, buttons, and features in this small device may be overwhelming. You will find the enclosed DVD and manual vital tools in familiarizing yourself with the recorder. You may like to read Zoom H4N Pro Review

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