dj equipment

DJ Equipment

DJ equipment are numerous, unique, and each tool plays a different role from the other. It is significant and wise different kinds of individuals to know which musical instruments and electronics to use for a specific purpose. This article will highlight and explain in details the different kinds of tools used by the DJs. The content contained in this review covers different kinds of musical instruments and electronics used by the DJs. These equipment’s’ include:

Musical Instruments

  1. DJ Mixers
  2. Music Recording Equipment
  3. DJ Sets
  4. DJ Controllers
  5. DJ Racks and Stands
  6. Powered Speaker
  7. DJ Bags and Cases
  8. Stage Lights
  9. Stage Laser Lights


  1. Audio and Video Accessories
  2. Wireless and Streaming Audio Systems
  3. Home Audio Speakers
  4. Over-Ear Headphones
  5. On-Ear Headphones
  6. Electrical Distribution Products

DJ Mixers

Choosing a suitable DJ Mixer can be a bit challenging for the buyer. A DJ Mixer is essential equipment used by the DJs all over the world. It gives the DJs the ability to perfectly regulate tracks on a turntable. Different kinds of sources sound can be linked to a mixer, DJ software, or to CDJs. It is fantastically awesome the DJ to use the headphones for easier selection of the next track. The 2-channel or 4-channels are basically the forms the DJ Mixers use most of the times. The 2-channel mixer can connect to 2 turntables and the 4-channel mixer can link up to four turntables. The big clubs most of the times prefer the 4-channel mixer.

This section of DJ Mixers gives detailed information to armatures DJs and the individuals who feel passionate about djaying. The most important factor when purchasing a DJ Mixer is considering the EQ number band which determines greatly the output of the sound.

The 4-Channel DJ Mixer the Best Option

The four-channel DJ Mixer gives a room for 4 audio input to be linked consecutively which is normally done in big clubs.

Pioneer DJM-900NXS2 Professional DJ Mixer

This is a four channel mixer which has marvelous features. It contains four phone inputs, two USB slots, Pro DJ Connect capability, and Digital Vinyl System. Pioneer DJM has 2 connections of headphones. 6.3 millimeters by 3.5 millimeters mini jack and 2 inputs mic of XLR by 6.3mm jack. The Pioneer DJM has a three band EQ which offers more clarity over low, mid, and high frequencies. It has crossfader assignments, a booth output, numerous effects, and adjustable curve crossfader.

Pioneer DJM has a fourteen FX Beat which includes 6 color sound FX, Pitch, Reverb and Helix, Vinyl Brake all of them having a dedicated knob parameter for adjustments to be made over the effects. The Mixer of Pioneer DJM weighs eight kilograms and has twelve inches. It has a sampling rate of 96 kHz, 20,000-40,000 Hz range frequency, 0.005% distortion, 24 A/D Converter bit, 60 power consumption watts, 79Db S/N Mic Ratio, and 105Db SN Line Ratio.

Pioneer DJM-750MK2 Professional Four Channel DJ Mixer

Pioneer DJM-750MK2 is slightly different from Pioneer DJM-900NXS2. It has 4 phono inputs, 2 USB slots, 4 inputs line, rekordbox DVS, and an input mic, XLR by 6.33milimetres. There is another addition mic separately on the unit face. It has a three EQ band which has the authority to stop or separate an ordinary curve. In addition, the Pioneer DJM-750MK2 has a Sound Color FX, with 11 based time effects, made to fine tune each frequency. This DJ Mixer weighs 6.6 Kilogram and has 12 standard inches. It contains a response frequency of 20,000 Hz, 0.005% harmony distortion, 32 D/A converter bits, 105Db S/N ratio and 48 kHz sample rate.

Channel DJ Mixer

Pioneer DJM-250MK2 DJ Mixer with Effects

Pioneer DJM two channel Mixer has a two Monitor Headphone, one USB slot, one mic, two masters out, three line input, and a two inputs phono. The Pioneer DJM has a three isolators band which include a filter that is dedicated on each channel, and a high quality crossfader Magvel. The DJ Mixer has rate sample of 48 KHz, 0.005% harmonic distortion, 94Db signal noise, 20,000 sample rate. Pioneer DJM-250 has a complete DJ rekordboxlicence key and a DVS rekordbox.

Allen andHeath Xone 23 High-Performance Mixer

Heath Xone 23 and Allen DJ Mixer is durable and is a product of high quality. It has a Voltage Control System, three-band EQ, VCA faders, and Crossfader curve adjustment. The features of this mixer include; a quarter inch headphone output, dual line inputs, XLR Mix out and Mic input, and an autonomous out booth. The response frequency ranges from 20-20,000Hz.

Music Recording Equipment

The software and recording equipment work in harmony with one another. The gadgets that are used for music recording contains a software, XLR Cable, condenser microphone for the studio, USB interface audio, and headphones meant for the studio

A) Focusrite Scatlett Studio USB Audio Interface Recording Package

Focusrite Scatlett is specifically designed for guitarists. It has a long stand with amazing software and an amplifier for projecting the sound of a guitar.

B) Presonusi Two Studio Audio Interface Recording Bundle

The interface has MIDI which is made in a perfect way for players of the keyboard. It is the best to use when one is recording an audio on an iPad.

C) M-Audio Vocal Studio PRO Complete Vocal Studio Package

It is made for a nice brand and vocalists when there are training on their voices by recording them.

D) IK Multimedia iRig Pro Duo Studio Suite

IK Multimedia is a voice recorder which records guitar sounds, vocals, Android, IOS, iPad,or, Mac instruments.

DJ Sets

There are different kinds of DJ Sets. The DJ sets are installed in a particular app especially in Android phones, iPhones, iPads, and Laptops. The sets are made to hold a number of songs according to events such as weddings, birthday parties, or for individual entertainments. A DJ Set is not so much complicated, hence it can be played by the beginners because it doesn’t take a long time to study the course.

DJ Controllers

A DJ controller is a device that assists the DJ to mix music with DJ software. The DJ Controller contains backlit buttons, knobs, touch strips, encoders, jog wheels, and faders. Music mixing is a complicated a task. To do it appropriately, a DJ needs to ensure that every involved device in the system of mixing produces quality top sound. The market is flooded with a variety of DJ Controllers. The best DJ Controller is the one that produces high quality sound for the listeners, affordable, durable, and authentic. The best DJ Controllers in the market include; Controller with Integrated Audio Interface and Trigger Pads, Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB2 Portable 2- channel Controller for Serato DJ, NumarkMixtrack Pro II USB DJ, and Pioneer Pro DJ XDJ- RXDJ Controller System.

DJ Racks and Stands

There are a number of different DJ racks and stands. These include; Hola Music HPS-300B Heavy Duty Professional Multi-Purpose DJ Tripod Stand, Peak Music Stands Portable Music Stand Black, Hercules DG400BB Laptop Stand with Bag, Odyssey CRS 12 Space Carpeted Studio Rack and Gemini ST Series ST-04 Professional Audio DJ Fold-Out Telescoping Tripod Black Anodized.

A) Hola MusicHPS-300B Heavy Duty Professional Multi-Purpose DJ Tripod Stand

Hola Music 300B HPS is an awesome stand which weighs eleven pounds approximately. It is vibrantly engineered and designed with heavy-duty steel ensuring that the Mixer, Laptop, or the Projector put on is very safe. It is made with highly adjustable features, which can be lowered or raised according to the DJs height. The sizing plate is around eleven points five inches which has sides which are opened for placing wide tools. Hola music tripod stand can hold a great number of notebooks, laptops, and other important things of a DJ.

B) Peak Music Stands Portable Music Stand Black

Peak Music stands are highly portable. It is made with plastic materials which contain hinges of a piano. It has a base made of nylon tension and its height is adjustable. It has a positive lock leg feature, nylon fitting-base tension, and tubular made of steel.

C) Hercules DG400BB Laptop Stand with a Bag

Hercules DG400BB stand laptop is highly adjustable and has multiple heights. It has a 1 piece folding design making it to be less complicated. It is engineered in a stable way such that it can hold a laptop worth ten kilograms. Hercules DG400BB Laptop is highly portable for easier transportation.

D) Odyssey CRS 12 12 Space Studio Carpeted Rack

Odyssey CRS 12 carpeted rack studio is made for easier access and viewing. It has an open back, with no front panels. It has 12 spaces, 16 in depth, and 13 inches top. It has a cute depth which wonderfully carpeted.

E) Gemini ST Series-04 Professional Audio DJ Fold-Out Telescoping Tripod Black Anodized

It is designed in a strong way to support heavy speakers. It is made of steel that is anodized, and a speaker tripod that is long-lasting to withhold heavy speakers without collapsing. It is made in a consolidated manner with a diameter of thirty-eight millimetres.

Powered Speaker

Powerful speakers are always very effective in projecting quality sound. Quality and long lasting speakers are good to use on parties, weddings, funerals, concerts, and elections. Powered speakers are essential devices that designed in an electronic way to convert the electrical power into an energy sound. Advanced powered speakers can be connected via the technology of Bluetooth, which afterwards produces an enticing sound from the laptop, iPad, iPhone, or Android Smartphone. A powered speaker is more efficient and better to use to amplify the sound. Powered Speakers have three different basic parts; the box or the cabinet, crossover network, and driver.

The cabinet covers the wires and the machinery of the entire speaker. It is the role of the crossover network to distribute the signal audio into different frequencies. It assists also in regulating the pitch, volume, and other vital components by controlling the frequency. The two parts of the crossover network are active and passive. The driver of a powered speaker outspread and converts the signal audio into energy sound. It projects the sound. Powered Speakers are cost-effective, convenient, and efficient to be used by the DJ.

The DJ types of equipment are numerous in number. The equipment’s include; Sequencing Software Ableton 9, Best Sequencing Controller: Akai Professional APC40 MKII, Keyboard MIDI Controller: M-Audio Oxygen 49 MKIV, Studio Monitor: KRK Rokit 8 Monitors and Live Mixer: Pioneer DJ DJM-900NXS2.

A) Sequencing Software Ableton 9

It has over 1800 sounds which amount to over ten GB. It contains 5 distinct instruments software which comes with tweakable adjustments and thirty-four different plugins enhancement. Ableton 9 has eight numerous effects MIDI to rotate for DJ mixing. The product has a good number of IOS which help the DJ carry on the mixes of live performance.

B) Akai Professional APC40MKII

Akai Professional has got awesome features too. It has a good number of assignable adjustments, flashlights, levelled knobs, and a fleet of sliders.

C) Keyboard MIDI Controller: M-Audio Oxygen 49 MKIV

M-Audio gives the DJ a number of key layouts. It is highly portable and dependable to be used by any DJ all over the world. M-Audio comes with 8 light ups, meant for triggering the pads. It enables the DJ to use sequence the controller for spinning the mixes. Keyboard MIDI Controller can be connected to other software like iPhone, iPad, Macs, and Android Phones.

D)Studio Monitor: KRK Rokit 8 Monitors

The best studio monitors are the ones that are made by Yamaha Company. They are made authentically designed to generate bumping beats that entertain the soul. KRK Rokit 8 Monitors are made with quality amplifies to project the sound at a longer distance.

E) Live Mixer: Pioneer DJ DJM- 900NXS2

The Pioneer DJ is engineered in a modern manner to completely amplify a sound from a computer, iPad, or an iPhone. They have a dedicated outboard effect designed independently to send and return the ultimate effect loop adjustment.

DJ Bags and Cases

DJ Bags and Cases are very important for keeping DJ gear under a safe place. The best DJ cases and bags can hold a good number of DJ equipment’s like; turntables, mixers, and controllers. The bags and cases offer a sufficient storage and protection for numerous kinds of DJ tools. The bags and cases are made of different sizes and shapes. It wise for the DJ to purchase a bag and a case that is of high quality, durable, and has enough space to put all the musical instruments.

Stage Lights

Stage lights are very important equipment needed by the DJ in order to enhance clearer visibility on stage or to modify stage with different kinds of light as per the occasion. The different kinds of stage lights include; soft lamps, broad lights, fixed focus lighting, and spotlights. Soft lamps are meant to diffuse wraps and lights around an object so that any shadow on the stage can be reduced. Broad lights are normally used in small areas to act as a lighting supplement to make the shadows visible and clear. Fixed-Focus Lighting spreads all over the stage with a controllable light field. Spotlights are used for projecting beams of light that comes on stage.

Stage Laser Lights

Stage light lasers are quite important for the DJ because they amplify the light accordingly in a house or a big hall. Each light laser requires dissimilar mediums lasing for them to function. It is advisable for the DJ to buy a light laser that is needed for a specific function.


Audio and Video Accessories

They are a variety of audio and video accessories. These include; audio and video racks, remote controls, cable audio, cable subwoofer, video and audio cables, wire speaker, protectors surge, microphones, antennas, video and custom accessories, brackets speaker, cartridges phono, audio cases for carrying, controllers of volume, selectors of speakers, custom enclosure audio, batteries made of alkaline, wireless accessories audio, speaker mounts and stands, and accessories of turntable. These are awesome video and audio accessories that a DJ should purchase. The products are available at different shops and are worth buying.

Wireless and Streaming Audio Systems

The world of technology has advanced greatly. The best wireless and streaming audio system uses Bluetooth or WIFI connections. Sonos One, Sono Play 5, SonoPlaybar, Sonos Sub, and Google Chromecast Audio are among the best wireless and streaming audio systems. These speakers are of different quality, cost, and they are worth buying.

Home Audio Speakers

There are different kinds of Home audio speakers that keep one entertained at home. The best home audio speakers are subwoofers, and home theaters. A subwoofer is an audio speaker basically used by people to amplify the sound from a TV, Laptop, iPad, iPhone, or an Android Phone. A subwoofer generally contains 2 to 4 audio speakers. Home theatres are usually bigger than subwoofers. They are designed and engineered in a special manner to project sound to different corners and rooms in a house. Home theatres usually come with a DVD player for playing audio and video songs or movies. Home theatres can be connected to a Laptop, iPhone, or an iPad to project quality sound.

Over-Ear Headphones

Over-Ear headphones offer an awesome fit when covering ears of the DJ. The headphones are mostly used by the DJs so as to select the next upcoming track with a lot of ease. The best over-ear headphones have bigger headsets, and spacious allowing enough accurate audio to keep flowing the ears of the DJ. The best over-ear headphones include; Beyerdynamic Pro DT 1990, Philips Fidelio X2, and Beyerdynamic Pro 1770 DT. These headphones are marvellous to use and are affordable at the shops.

On-Ear Headphones

Beyerdynamic T51i is ranked as one of the best on-ear headphones currently. It offers a fit which is comfortable and an excellent sound which is so much interesting to listen. It is innovatively designed with a protective case for carrying a 3 button remote and a microphone. Other authentic On-Ear Headphones include; Sony XB550AP which produces extra bass on the ears, and Sennheiser RS120 which is designed in a modern way to connect to Bluetooth devices like iPhones, iPads, Android Phones, and Laptops.

Electrical Distribution Products

There are different kinds of electrical products for distribution meant for different purposes. These products include; six pairs banana plugs, wireless optical mobile, Monoprice Banana High quality, Keystone Ethernet Coupler, and RCA Modulator Compact. These products are among a few electrical distribution products. The six pairs banana plugs are meant to simplify the work of installing speakers in a particular house, or venue. They make the connection of wires to be secure hence they give the DJ protective measures of getting an electric shock from live wires.

The 6 banana plugs are well coated with gold to act as bad conductors of electric current. The Keystone Coupler Ethernet keeps the DJs cables clean and tidy. It offers a connection free of corrosion. RCA compact modulator has the ability to allow connection of a video audio component to a Television set without a Jack. It has a high performance design circuit offering accurate picture reproduction. RCA modulator transmits video and audio to RF by using channel three or four.

The article has clearly explained different kinds of DJ pieces of equipment from the beginning to the end of the content. It is the role of the reader to read between the lines each and every kind of product to make an informed decision before buying any product. The tools and the devices explained above are available in most of the shops all over the world in both offline and online platform. Amazon is the most awesome platform where many of the individuals shop their products and have a number of advantages. Before buying any product it is wise to consider the affordability, authenticity, and durability aspect.

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