Blueridge Contemporary Series BR-73 000 Acoustic Guitar

Blueridge Contemporary Series BR-73 000 Acoustic Guitar Review

Blueridge Contemporary Series BR-73 000 Acoustic Guitar

The design of this guitar is incredible. The manufacturer focuses on uniqueness of the design and player’s experience. It has a solid spruce on top with hand carved braces. Rosewood makes an elegant completion all around the guitar; nothing is left to chance on design. Rosewood is not only for design but also for durability. The quality material sustains shocks and any physical abrasions. Of course, you are expected to keep this like a baby but in case of accidents, the manufacturer has got you covered.

Blueridge guitars are popular because of their quality and affordability. All of the manufacturer’s guitars are hand-made, thus accuracy and fineness in design. The manufacturer has been in the market since the Second World War. The experience in craftingmaterials to suit user needs is incomparable. When it comes to design and quality, the manufacturer does not compromise. In fact, if you are looking for a reliable and quality guitar that fits your budget, the Blueridge Contemporary Series BR-73 000 Acoustic Guitar is for you.


Blueridge guitars are not over built. The manufacturer’s focus is on quality rather than size. While it is BR-73 000 is of standard size, as you would expect with any acoustic guitar, Blueridge Contemporary Series BR-73 000 is super light. Hard carving is evidence of the designer’s attention to detail and quality.

The manufacturer uses parabolic X-bracing to enhance sounds. The acoustic guitar is accurate with sounds from your fingerpicking and strumming. The sound is loud and sweet. Nothing beats traditional methods of hard carving in customizing sound. If you have been despising acoustic guitars on basis of sound quality, you should try this Blueridge product and change your notion.

You will notice the guitar’s uniqueness at first sight. The slim mahogany neck distinguishes it from any other acoustic guitar of its class. The truce rod is also adjustable to fit different music preferences and player flexibility. Did you ever imagine of adjusting a truce rod on your guitar? This is incredible; it is among the top features attributing to popularity of this acoustic guitar.

The mahogany neck is not only for design but also for comfort. Sweating or sliding your left palm while playing is distracting because you might miss the next chord as you try to find comfort on the neck. Some people slide while shifting between chords, it is often difficult with a fast song. While the finishing is glossy, the mahogany ensures you have better grip and smooth movement on the neck.

What’s new?

Blueridge has come up with a new and accurate tuning mechanism. Kluson-style tuning is a guarantee for precision and fast tuning. You can easily set your guitar on stage with this technique. You don’t have to strain your ears to listen to each string’s tone. Also, you don’t need to find a quiet place for precision. Blueridge Contemporary Series BR-73 000 Acoustic Guitar tuning is easier and convenient with Kluson-style. Moreover, the strings revolve around small gears, which can be locked after tuning. There is no hassle of tuning your guitar every time.

Butterbean tuner buttons enhance precision and efficiency of the tuning process. Once you are satisfied with tones on each string, the buttons have a locking option to prevent further movement. This is important if you travel a lot with your guitar. Strings are bound to loosen up because of weather and other elements, which can waste your time when you need to perform on arrival.

Are you a master in multiple pentatonic scales? Blueridge Contemporary Series BR-73 000 Acoustic Guitar allows you to quickly change guitar tune to your preference in seconds. As long as you know the tones, you can tune all the six strings differently while on stage. In fact, you can do it while talking to people or within a bridge in a song. You don’t have to fully concentrate to change tune with Kluson-style.


Blueridge Contemporary Series BR-73 000 Acoustic Guitar has 20 frets with a dark glossy finishing. The standard guitar marks on the fret board are silver-shiny. Mahogany on the neck is more than durability and comfortability. Mahogany has a natural glossy finishing, which the manufacturer enhances with clear varnish for an elegant look. Blueridge ensures you fall in love with BR-73 000 at first sight.

The smooth curves ensure comfort on strumming. Blueridge Contemporary Series BR-73 000 Acoustic Guitar has a right orientation; however, different players prefer different positions. The manufacturer takes care of all needs with a wide space on the box for flexibility of your right hand. The wide curve also attributes to unique look of the guitar. Unlike most acoustic guitars, the curve extends to the front to rest your thumb when fingerpicking. The manufacturer achieves attractiveness of the guitar and flexibility of players with this design.

Extra features

Apart from truce rod and gold plated tuners with butterbean-style buttons, the manufacturer maintains the simplicity of an acoustic guitar. Evidently,Blueridge has a keen eye on design and quality of materials. Also, the weight says a lot about focus of the manufacturer in designing the guitar. It is light hence highly portable.

Blueridge Contemporary Series BR-73 000 Acoustic Guitar’s functionality and durability is not in question. If you value quality, convenience, and flexibility, you won’t complain about its price. If you are looking a guitar under $1000, You can go through Best Acoustic Guitars under $1000

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