Roland TD-17KV VDrums Electronic Drum Set Review

Best range of Roland’s TD-17k Electronic, Mesh, and V-drum

Where do you find yourself in terms of music drum usage experience; a beginner, intermediate or expert? Well, having the right musical tool is a major step to move from a frustrating drumming experience to an exciting one. Roland brand of drums offers today’s sound-smith and music lovers an exceptional way to get their music groove back! Roland’s range of TD-17 electronic drum, Mesh or V-drums presents you with years of research and technological breakthrough in the music industry.

TD-17KVX V-Drums with Full Electronic Drum Specs By Roland

TD-17KVX V-Drums with Full Electronic Drum Specs By Roland

The TD-17KVX electronic drum presents an unrivaled electronic drum not as you have known it before. It incorporates the Roland’s TD-50 sound technology to help even the most basic acoustic drum player glide with ease. TD-17KVX comes with virtually all the fundamental equipment to begin your music experience plus an opportunity to develop your playing skill. Check Out the products in our Music Store

Whether or not you are a beginner or Pro, Roland’s TD-17KVX is the world-class V-drum just perfect for you. It boasts of excellent percussion level and ultra-sensitive sensors. This highly intuitive electronic drum gives you no less feel but more than what an acoustic drum will accomplish.

Another plus for the TD-17KVX drum is its easy-to-use and ergonomic interface plus teaching feature, ‘coach mode’. A feature that helps you horn your skills better for experts and learn faster for beginners. Always a step ahead of the gang; with the included cymbal pad feature it helps accentuate your TD-17KVX playing experience, producing intricate sounds.

Sound Quality

Feel free to explore and express your innovativeness as the TD-17KVX V-drum. You can express yourself in sound playing a variety of genre from rhythm & blues, jazz, and extreme metal. For most experienced players, go ahead to layer drum and vocal samples, re-model drum tones to create exceptional sounds. It allows you can do more with an array of sound effects, pitch controls, and on-board equalizer.

Also, for beginners, the ‘Coach Mode’ is just the right tool you need. It has ‘Time Check’ feature that helps you monitor your progress as you go along with a beat. Also, take advantage of the playback review once you have captured every moment of your practice. Develop at your pace using the ‘Warm-Up mode’ playing from simple to more difficult rhythm and become a pro-player faster.

Other Impressive Features:

  • TD-17KVX module
  • Value-packed Sound engine
  • 50 preset drum kits/ 310 percussion
  • 2 Bluetooth transceiver to enjoy exciting music or MIDI-Bluetooth streamlines practice.
  • Newly introduced 12 inches dual-trigger PDX 12 snare pad plus tunable mesh head.
  • Hi-hat VH-10 standing mount (not included)
  • Advanced KD-10 kick tower.
  • 5 pcs of drum pads and 3 pcs cymbal pads
  • Audio/MIDI, 5-pin MIDI plus USB
  • 8 inches toms with three mesh heads.
  • 12 inches crashes
  • 13 inches CY-13R ride (three zones)

With the TD-17KVX V-drum, you get nothing but a sound blast to play your hearts out.

Roland TD-17KV VDrums Electronic Drum Set Review

Roland TD-17KV VDrums Electronic Drum Set Review

Just like Roland says, when you get serious about drumming then you do need a drum kit that matches or exceeds your passion. And whatever stage you are in your drumming experience with mesh drum, electronic drum or V drum then you need to have a second look at the TD-17KV drums. From a company with a music culture, the TD-17KV by Roland offers music lovers an exquisite instrument to rock your world.

TD17-KV helps you master your art with the TD-50 advanced technological sound engine to excel at excellent renditions. The spontaneous trigger KD-10 Kick pad helps you develop impressive pedal technique and foot control. It is a mid-range V drum electronic drum with exceptional and sturdy percussion and an upgrade to TD-17KL. With the incorporation of Bluetooth technology, you can work or learn smarter across multiple device and options.

Exceptional Features to Watch out for:

  • Dual-trigger PDX-12 mesh snare pad, acoustic in nature
  • 3 PDX-8 mesh tom pads (dual trigger)
  • 2 CY-8 cymbal pads (dual trigger)
  • CY-5 hi-hat cymbal pad (dual trigger)
  • TD17 drum module
  • KD-10 trigger pad producing thunderous kick patterns (for single and double kick drums)
  • FD-9 hi-hat control pedal
  • Multi-module ‘Coach Mode’ provide perfect learning outcomes
  • Onboard Bluetooth

TD-17K-L Innovative V Drum Electronic Drum Kit

TD-17K-L Innovative V Drum Electronic Drum Kit

The TD-17K-L V drum kit offers an innovative replacement for the TD-11 series to help increase your versatility on the drums. It incorporates the TD-50 electronic drum technology as Roland is known for creating a seamless switch from the acoustic kit. With the TD-17K-L electronic drum kit, you can achieve the same hand and foot control plus stick coordination and not miss the acoustic kit one bit. In TD-17K-L, L represents Light. It uses the compact rubber pad with a snare drum that’s smaller than other versions of the TD series. Built to perfection the TD-17k-L in-built coaching platform; ‘Coach Mode’, helps develop, monitor and improve your skills.

For excellent sound quality, the TD-50 innovative sound module technology gives you above board sound quality comparable to industry standards. You got the freedom with the wide array of tones achievable when you strike the right chord. You get sleek and supersonic sound output with every strike creating rim shots, rolls, cymbal crashes, ghost notes, flams and more. With the TD-17k-L electronic drum’s ‘Time Check Mode’ helps you attain accuracy on the click track. It displays the percentage of accurate strikes and where it occurred on the drum. Same goes for the ‘Quiet Count Mode’. Like ‘Time Check Mode’ the ‘Quiet Time Mode’ calculates the click cuts and helps continue when clicking returns. While the ‘Warm-Up Mode’ helps you create a schedule for practice on a daily basis using 5, 10 or 15 minutes plus undergoing different difficulty levels.

Some other Exciting Features in the TD-17K-L include:

  • 1 sound module TD-17k-L
  • 1 mesh snare PDX-8 (dual zone)
  • 3 tom pads PD-8A (single zone)
  • 1 CY-5 hi-hat
  • 1 FD9 hi-hat control pedal
  • 1 CY-1 ride
  • 1 KD-10 Kick
  • 1 CY-8 crash (cymbal pad)
  • 1 MDS-4V drum stand

It can only be the best if you must achieve the desired result. And it will take more than just one night to become a professional drummer even with a V drum, electronic drum or mesh drum. But if you are already a Pro drummer, then what are you waiting for? Get into the groove! See how easy it can get on a TD-17K V drum electronic drum. Are you still a beginner or intermediate drummer? Well, break no sweat because with constant practice plus ‘Coach Mode’ ‘Time Check Mode’, ‘Quite Time Mode’, and Warm Up Mode’ you get the lead you deserve. With TD-17k-L V drum electronic drum, you are right on track. To the Pros!

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