Best guitar tuner apps for Android and iOS

[Top 20] Best Guitar Tuner App : For Android and iOS

Since the early 2010s, applications for mobile can also turn it into a tuner for the guitar. As a result of which, the smartphones can display and detect the pitch of the musical notes. The tuner applications can be used for a wide range of other musical instruments as well. The conversion of smartphone, PC, and tablet into a tuner is achievable in a smooth manner due to the software applications. In the earlier version of the smartphones, the microphone was utilized for the tuning purpose of the guitar. However, since the inception of the guitar tuner apps have made the task easier as they are much better than the microphones. It is extremely beneficial to have a tuner, and the string instrument player would recommend the same. Here below is a list of a few of the best guitar tuner app for your IOS and Android.           

Best guitar tuner app for android

Chromatic Guitar Tuner

Chromatic Guitar Tuner : Best guitar tuner apps for Android and iOSChromatic Guitar tuner is considered one of the best guitar tuner app available for smart devices. The app offers tuning precision of the professional level. It even includes a digital tuning fork for those who have a set requirement of it. This app is ideal for Acoustic guitar, Electric guitar, Ukulele, Banjo. It works well with other musical instruments too such as Acoustic bass guitar, Electric bass guitar, Violin, Cello, Piano, and many more. It simply uses the microphone of the smart device for its functioning. One can use various modes available in the app for the tuning of the instruments such as Chromatic tuner mode, Pitchfork, Tuning presets, Automatic mode and several others. It features a good functionality and splendid interface. get Chromatic Guitar Tuner app at Play store

Rating: 4.5/5

Boss Tuner

Boss TunerThe trusted chromatic tuning technology of BOSS is now available for Android devices as well. It hosts the display style of the TU-3/ TU-3W pedal tuner. It is simple to use, has the features of multiple tuning and pitches for audible references. This application is available as a free download from the play store. This app is suitable for a wide range of musical instruments apart from guitars such as bass, ukulele, cello, violin, brass and plenty more. It is user-friendly as it offers the feature of hands-free chromatic tuning. For a better view, it supports horizontal screen. Get the boss tuner app on play store

Rating: 4.5/5

Cifra Club Tuner

Cifra Club TunerCifra Club Tuner is completely free to download. It is compatible with the tablet as well as a smartphone. It is a good app for the beginners as on the interface it shows string by string so that one does not blow their strings. The app is not limited to just beginners, as by using the help of chromatic mode, the intermediate, as well as a professional person, can use the app. The newer version supports the android wear too, making it extremely user-friendly. It supports Guitar, bass, acoustic guitar and even cavaquinho. Get Cifra Club Tuner app on Play Store

Rating: 4.4/5

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Fender Tune

Fender TuneFender Tune by Fender is a guitar tuner app which is free to download. It boasts 26 different types of tunings for electric guitars, bass, ukulele, and acoustic. It may be a basic tuner app, but its DSP algorithm detects the low-frequency pitches in an efficient way which results in the tuning done in a fast way. The algorithm provides enhanced pitch detection for a smooth and fast tuning experience. The app features three modes of Auto-Tune Mode, Chromatic Mode, and Manual Tune Mode. Moreover, video and illustrated tips show the different tuning aspects and many more. Get Fender Tune app on Play Store

Rating: 4.4/5

Guitar Tuna

Guitar Tuna The app is one of the fastest, easiest and accurate tuner applications. It is very user-friendly, making it easy to use. Guitar Tuna works with acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin, cello, bass, ukulele, fiddle, banjo, and plenty of other string instruments. The app works with the built-in microphones, and for tuning, there is no need of cables. It is suitable for the beginners as well as the professionals. The application works so smoothly and in a fine way because of the advanced audio recognition algorithm.  It offers professional accuracy for the advanced players.  It also offers the auto-tune, customization options, advanced tuning options, and a chromatic tuner as well. More than 100 tunings are available in the application, making it suitable for the intermediate players as well. It hosts background noise cancellation technology, and as a result of which, it can work well in noisy areas. Get GuitarTuna App on Play Store

Rating: 4.8/5

DaTuner (Lite!)

DaTuner (Lite!)DaTuner ensures that every purpose of guitar tuning is sorted out and available to the user. The app has the design of a very simple interface but is extremely precise and utmost responsive, making it one of the best guitar tuner app available in the market.  It has the feature of converting the fundamental frequency to the closest errors and notes for the easier and efficient tuning of the guitar. It supports various musical instruments such as violin, bass, cello, piano, harp, saxophone, harmonica, and many more. The display is bright, as a result of which it is easy-to-read. It has a feature of Auto-sensitivity as well. One can reference the frequency adjustment for orchestra tuning and can be manually adjusted, or another reference can listen. On the achievement of the proper tuning, the screen turns to green.

Rating: 4.4/5


gStringsgStrings application is a chromatic tuner and is used to measure the sound pitch and intensity. It features various customization options along with a dial-style tuner. The customization options include microphone sensitivity settings, themes and many more. The application can tune with a wide array of instruments such as guitar, piano, bass, violin, and others. It is a simple app, making it user-friendly and it was one of the first application of guitar tuning that got a good reputation. It is relatively inexpensive and simple to use. The application has a long list of built-in temperaments such as Pythagorean, comma, meantone, etc. It also supports orchestra tuning whose features include redefining as well as shifting tone frequencies. User-defined custom tuning is another feature which is suitable for the users.

Rating: 4.5/5

Pano Tuner

Pano TunerThe design of the Pano Tuner features an old school dial-tuner. The app features microphone sensitivity settings along with frequency adjustment, and it supports the tunings which are not standard. With the help of the tuner app, the guitar gets tuned in just a few seconds. The instrument can get accurately tuned as a result of the offset from the pitch. The app is very quick and features sensitive response. Pano Tuner is a chromatic tuner, and it follows the pitch that the instrument makes.  There also is a feature which allows the user to modify the sensitivity so that the instrument can be tuned more accurately. For the harmony, tunings which are not standard are also there. One can add their own temperaments so that the chords can be in more consonance.   

Rating: 4.6/5

Pro Guitar Tuner

Pro Guitar TunerPro Guitar Tuner is a well reputed and popular guitar tuner app. It also has its own website, enabling the users to use it from the computer as well. The app is a chromatic tuner, and it supports various non-stringed instruments and a wide range of stringed instruments. Apart from the built-in microphone, the app has the feature to listen and analyze sound from guitar clip on, headset or any other external microphone. This app is of high preference for the musicians, guitar repair shops, and professional guitar makers. The app includes high-quality samples of real instruments. Pro Guitar Tuner hosts a vast library of tuning for various instruments like guitar, mandolin, bass, violin, ukulele, and even the unusual ones like a balalaika.

Rating: 4.5/5

Smart Chords & tools

Smart Chords & toolsThis is an all-in-one app as it meets the requirements of the instrument players and the wide range of features offered. The app is suitable for the beginner as well as professional. It offers an extensive range of chords and fingering options, and it also integrates several interlocking tools. The tools include Scales, Metronome, Arpeggios, Reverse Chord Finder, Transposer, Virtual Instrument, Musical Audio Video, Setlist, Tuner and many more. A wide range of string instruments such as Guitar, Bouzouki, Mandolin, the specific chords, notes, the particular chords, are acoustically and visually presented. This app is preferred because it contains almost all the chord types and fingering possibilities.

The app can be used for other instruments as well such as banjo, bass, ukulele, bass and others. There is an inclusion of more than 350 predefined tuning in the app. Left and right-handed people can use it quite well, and comfort features are available such as search, filter, and sort.  It hosts a precise Chromatic tuner, and as a result of that, it supports all instruments and their tuning. Moreover, precise tone determination is in every frequency change.  All these features have enabled this application to cement its place as one of the best guitar tuner app.

Rating: 4.7/5

Airyware Tuner

Airyware TunerThis app is one of the popular ones as it is a professional chromatic strobe tuner. The app got high recognition among the musicians when it got launched and is of recommendation by the professionals. Airy-ware Tuner is powered by the 64-bit NeatTimbre DSP engine, ensuring smooth performance. It features linear needle meter, tuning mode of true strobe, ambient noise reduction, high-contrast display, custom Railsback curve definition, tempered note audition, waveform inspector, and plenty others. Customization features are also provided such as customizable temperaments, sweeteners, stretched tuning for the better user-friendly experience.

The app can help tune more than 400 orchestral instruments which include violin, flute, piano, bagpipe, trumpet, saxophone, clarinet, veena, cello, harmonica, church organ, ukulele, bass, banjo, guitar, mandolin, etc. Professional piano tuners and luthiers also use this app. For the best sound quality, this tuner app is more utilized by various professional musicians.  Airyware Tuner is efficient, accurate and fast.   

Rating: 4.5/5

These were few of the top guitar tuner applications for Android.


Guitar Tuner applications for IOS

When it comes to IOS, things can change as it is a completely different platform. Here are some of the best guitar tuner app for IOS.


VITALtuner apps for iosVITALtuner has a custom tuning engine which can cover a wide range of pitches with professional accuracy. It can also be thought of as universal tuner for all the musical instruments as the tuning design is of high level. It features four unique tuning modes which are suitable for any kind of musical setting. The four modes are the advanced mode, Easy mode, Bright mode and stage mode. Each of them has their unique features to ensure the smooth moment and efficient tuning. The app offers 130 alternate and standard tuning for more than 40 musical instruments. There are even guide notes which can help one to tune. It offers other features such as transposition, sweeter tunings, temperaments, pitch generator, peak meter, instrument tunings, SPL meter, etc. Get the App at App Store

Rating:  4.3/5


CleartuneThis app is a very famous chromatic tuner. Cleartune uses a built-in microphone of the device to accurately and efficiently tune the instrument. The app also features an interface which has a unique ‘note wheel’ that allows the person to find the pitch quickly.

Along with that, it is paired also with a high responsive fine-tuning meter to get the right tune. The app can be used for various musical instruments such as acoustic and electric guitar, woodwinds, brass, piano, bowed strings, as well as other instruments that can sustain a tone. The app is simple enough so that even a beginner can use it, but it packs more power and features for the professionals. It offers support for custom temperaments, adjustable calibration, transposition, solfège, etc. It features note wheel display, needle damping option, selectable temperaments, user-defined notations and temperaments, automatic note reference calibration, selectable tone waveform, ultra-responsive tuning response, etc.    

Rating: 4.0/5   

Chords & Tabs

Chords & TabsThis app enables a person to learn their favorite songs. One can explore the bass, guitar, and ukulele chords, tabs and lyrics of over 800,000 songs.  One can always switch to the left-handed mode quite easily. With the help of metronome, the right tempo is achievable. The other features include offline access to the favorite tabs, a compilation of favorite tabs in the playlist. With the help of the personal tab, it is easier to edit chords, change tabs, lyrics, for the set requirements. It offers the users the feature of setting up the font style and size of the tab as per their desire and can enjoy dark mode as well. That is why it is often regarded as the best guitar tuner app for IOS.

Rating: 4.8/5


iStroboSoftThis software tuning application is trusted widely by the professionals. It is extremely accurate and offers a high level of precision. It has a standby mode to reduce battery usage. iStroboSoft has a speed control for the strobe display as a result of which, it can dampen the response for a longer note display.

Along with that, offers more than 12 temperaments which the user can control. All the sharp notes are easily displayed. It has a feature of ALND which is helpful in capturing even low frequencies. The app offers an unmatched level of accuracy because of the real-time strobe display. The octave/note window displays the correct octave and note.

There are two modes, auto and manual mode to meet the suitability of the user. If the note is very from the target position, then the sharp indicators will assist in that. It has a feature of the noise filter. On the utilisation of clip-on tuning device or an external microphone, the noise filter is helpful in the reduction of the environmental noise.  It has other modes of namely, calibration mode and drop/capo mode. Calibration mode enables the app to calibrate to an external source, and capo mode will help the auto-transposing notes down or up to one complete octave. The app has a feature of full-screen mode which permits the strobe display to for maximization on screen for better viewing experience from a distance.

Rating: 4.6/5


Yousician App for IOSThe beginners widely use this application as the app kills two birds with one stone. Along with the tuner, it also offers the step by step tutorials for learning to play the guitar, bass, ukulele and even piano. The app has the feature of letting you play, listening to it and then gives the relevant feedback. This application is perfect for guitarists, pianists, ukulele & bass players. Everyone from beginners to advanced musicians can take the help of this app to get the fruitful results.

Rating: 4.4/5

Cadenza: Tuner + Metronome 

Cadenza: Tuner + Metronome app for iosThe app is widely used by a lot of musicians across the globe. Cadenza has a very accurate tuner, pitch pipe and a versatile metronome. The usage of this app is on a frequent level as a rehearsal tool. It does not matter if one is a beginner or a professional as this app is suitable for the fulfillment of the various requirements. This app has an extremely friendly user interface. It hosts landscape and portrait mode, which makes it easier to suit the viewing experience. The app is highly accurate and has the feature of transposition.

Moreover, it has a scientific/solfège and flat/sharp notation. It provides clear and loud metronome sounds as well as inertial scroll wheel to change the tempo. In the pro version, it has additional features such as metronome presets, tap tempo, pitch pipe, metronome flash, tuner sound back for a better experience. The app allows the user to change the color themes for the personalized user interface. It also hosts a sequencer.

Rating: 4.8/5

Tuner Lite

Tuner Lite by PiascoreThis app avails the use of the built-in microphone for accurately tuning the instrument. The app is a well known chromatic tuner and pitch pipe. Various instruments like acoustic or electric guitar, piano, tympani, bass and various other instruments. It supports various features such as transposition, custom temperaments, etc. With the help of spectrum power indicator, one can understand the sound more intuitively. The app has additional features of needle meter display, and moreover, ultra-responsive 50 cents range fine tuning display. The LED display makes it easier for the user to understand the low and high sound. It hosts Pitch Pipe/Tone generator as well. It also provides the feature of automatic reference note calibration. One can change the wallpaper as well as per the requirement. 

Rating: 4.4/5         

insTuner Free

insTuner FreeinsTuner is a chromatic tuner. As a result of which, It helps the user to tune the musical instruments quickly and accurately. It is a very accurate app because it hosts an advanced DSP algorithm. That makes it easier to use the app. It has a large display, and as a result of which, one can tune the instrument without facing any difficulties. The app boasts of a unique ‘fixed’ note wheel, due to which the position of the detected pitch is easy to find. The app supports various musical instruments such as acoustic or electric guitar, bass, ukulele, banjo, mandolin, bouzouki, woodwings, etc. Other than that, any instrument that can sustain a tone, with ease is tuneable with this app.

The app supports Built-in Microphone as well as Line-in Mode. It supports Clip Microphone as well. It hosts a fine tuning mode which has with highly responsive tuning meter to ensure the perfect tuning. The Historical curve mode will show the tuning results over the time, which can prove to be quite useful to the player. The real-time audio analysis is achievable by Real-time spectrogram mode. For the transposing instruments, there is a feature of customizable transposition.

Rating: 4.6/5


Guitar tuner app plays a vital role in this modern musical scenario. It lets the user tune the guitar. There is a wide range of tuner applications available for both Android and IOS platform. That makes it even more difficult to choose a single application. The requirement of the user should be taken into consideration and after proper research, should an app be used. The features offered on some of the guitar tuner apps are highly advanced, and that is why even the professional musicians across the world have been taking the help of guitar tuner applications. It is advisory that only after the thorough checking of the features offered by the apps, the installation of them. Weighing of pros and cons is important before using a tuner for getting the best results.

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