Best DJ Software : Top 25 DJ Software Review (Both Premium and Free)

Learn how to get the best DJ software!

Selecting the best DJ software is a complicated business. It is not only a simple case of understanding what operating system you are running and how much you are going to spend while searching.

It is worth seeing what your software must do: do you want the software to have the ability to play 4 or more tracks at a time or would two decks be enough? How about playing loops or samples?

Then comes the DJ controllers that you need to consider – do you want a software that would work with your preferred MIDI controller? What about the old-fashioned digital vinyl system and turntables? Or what about using the IPad for ultimate party time?

What is in the mix of DJ software?

With all due to respect to the CD stalwarts and vinyl lovers, when it comes to cost-effectiveness and flexibility, there might be a little doubt that the best DJ way is to do it on a digital system. Be it PC, iOS or MAC, or even Android. And if you are going to do it that way, you will need the right software application.

Get the best DJ software

Thankfully, the market is packed with applications and software that will let you mix using not only two but in various cases 4 or more decks. The best about today’s DJ software is that they offer myriad creative options, so that you may add real interest and the mixes to the next best level.

Adding a hardware controller will make the perfect setup to make you feel great and enabling you to do whatever was possible while using an old-school setup and a lot more other things.

Best Premium DJ software

Let us have a look at some premium DJ software for pc, DJ software application for Mac, iOs, and Android as well. These are the most popular software programs available for DJ’ing

1. Native Instruments Traktor Pro

Best Dj Software- Native Instruments Traktor Pro

The release of the Traktor Pro 2 8-years ago in 2011 brought a lot of dynamics in the digital DJing software world. Its flexibility, power, performance and simple user-friendly interface made this software a key digital tool in its own right.

Long before Native Instruments developed the Traktor Pro, Serato was the only software most DJs knew of especially when it came to timecord control. But, with the release of Traktor, this tool immediately gained dominance becoming a paramount tool for most House and Techno DJs due to its rock-solid simplicity.

The release of the Tractor Pro 2 brought a stiff competition to the Serato in form of the Traktor Scratch Pro. What happened is that the Scratch Pro-6 sampling functions of the Serato were implemented in the Traktor Pro 2 via the sample decks making the Traktor a key competitor in the battle for supremacy in the DJing booth.

Now with the launch of the Traktor Pro 3, a lot of improvements have been seen though the interface is still the same old Traktor you’re familiar with: with the browser at the bottom, effects at the top, mixer in the middle and decks on either side.

The first major improvement you’ll notice with the Traktor Pro 3 version is the filter knob on the mixer panel which can be changed into different effects which include; Reverb, Dual Delay, Noise, Gater, Flanger, Barber Pole, Dotted Delay, Crush, and the Filter. One key advantage with these effects is that the color of the knobs changes significantly to help you spot the type of effect you’re playing with when mixing.

The layout is another key improvement which looks far less cluttered and more appealing to the eyes. The Rev, Cue, Cup and Flex buttons look bigger, fresher and much easier to activate. Speaking of the colors; the color combination of this version is more beautiful with subtle yet informative color changes. It’s actually more of a visual feast.

Still on the layout, users can now enjoy changing the view of the waveform layout to full parallel view. A welcome addition that elevates this Traktor version in line with Serato and rekordbox, these parallel waveforms are arguably fantastic and more effective when you work with four decks, stems and remix decks. In addition to that, you can opt to zoom in to get the blur of the waveforms or zoom out to access most of the effects such as viewing the track as it progresses.

Another invention (though silent) is the addition of a cleaner, quieter and more pleasant audio quality. This has been enhanced by Native Investment’s move of licensing the latest version of Elastique Pro V3 pitch-shifting and time-stretching engine.

Whether you’re a professional or an armature DJ, gaining control of your machine is a paramount endeavor. Thankfully, NI has improved the functionality of the S2 and S4 MK3 models by offering DJs the freedom to map specific controls when performing various functions.

Finally in the control, NI has added a setting that disables scratching on the jog wheel. So, if you’re the kind of DJ who doesn’t scratch a lot, you can happily activate this feature without feeling offensive. Additionally, this setting is a huge advantage as it eliminates the risk of accidental scratching.

Lastly, if you’re an avid Traktor user, I believe you must be feeling quite disappointed with NI’s surprise move to upgrade the latest version at a premium. But, even though NI has added a price tag on this, Traktor Pro, Duo or Scratch 1/2 users will enjoy the upgrade at a reduced price of just $44. For those installing the product for the first time, you’ll need to pay $99.

2. Ableton Live

Ableton Live - Best dj Software

Ableton Live is somewhat of an anomaly in this list of best DJ software, due to the fact that isn’t really a true DJ app – or at least it originally wasn’t imagined to be one. Still, while it may have been projected totally as a production tool at first, in the years since its origin Ableton Live has been one of the favorites of DJ’s all over the world.

The key factor to Live’s popularity with DJ’s is its Session View – brilliantly implemented and the cleanly developed window for launching synchronised audio samples, tracks, and MIDI clips. It is that view, including the intuitive way that Ableton Live handles retiming audio which makes the DAW an amazing tool for blurring then between the live performance and DJ’ing.

With the extra advantage of a heap of in-built-instruments and effects, the capability to host the plugins and an intuitive MIDI learn function, Ableton Live makes an invincible one-stop-shop for an electronic musician. What’s more is that you can select from any number of controllers that would work with it.

AbletonLive’s recently designed Link tech adds to its demand as a performance tool. It is an open software tool which lets a developer add wireless synchronisation to their apps. You may find Link as a host part of DJ apps, DAW’s, iOS tools, and plugins that make it easier than jamming with multiple tablets or laptops.

3. Serato DJ Pro

Serato DJ Pro

Serato led to the origination of digital vinyl systems back in the early 2000’s and has been one of the major players among the best DJ software in the digital DJ’ing ever since. Its software applications range has gone through a host of restatements and a few name changes over all these years, but since it has been refreshed and unified under the name of Serato DJ in 2013, this DJ software feels more refined and tighter than ever.

Lately, Serato DJ has put a lot of effort into making the application more reliable and low-latency, and due to these factors, it has made its place in this list of best DJ software and a popular choice among the Pro club DJs. The software also offers its users plug ‘n’ play support for a range of solid vinyl compatibility and controllers.

Besides all this, there are all innovative elements present in Serato that a DJ expects from a top DJ app which includes effects, sampling capabilities, sync, four-deck mixing, analysis tools, and a lot more things.

Users may get to grips with this software for free, through the cut-down version though well-equipped Serato DJ Lite.

4. Pioneer DJ Rekordbox DJ

Pioneer DJ Rekordbox DJ

Originally developed and designed for Pioneer DJ by the French developer Mix Vibes, Rekordbox, for a few good years existed as a track preparation and music librarian tool for use with the CDJ’s and digital music players range of Pioneer.

In 2022, Rekordbox got an important update in the form of Rekordbox DJ. It came as an expanded version of the software with complete effects, mixing, and sampling capabilities, giving itself place among the best DJ software available in the market today.

There are almost four decks of track control, per-track and master effects – each with multiple slots, a library browser with tagging and track recommendation system, eight slot sampler, and a beat slicer.

Lately, it has been expanded with the Auto-Mix feature which is an automated tool that does a lot of work for the user, and that is a great option for a beginner who is looking to rock the party without having to spend weeks in rehearsing. At the more pro end of things, it is able to synchronize and control the light shows and stage effects as well. Rekordbox DJ can also be expanded with an add-on pack for digital vinyl, lyric functionality, and video mixing, which is ideal for DJs events and karaoke.

Expectedly, Rekordbox DJ is best used with the controller hardware of Pioneer. Its major appeal consists of cross-platform compatibility, as its track library and workflow is shared with the Pioneer industry standard CDJ’s and its mixers.

Rekord DJ can be downloaded for a 30-day free trial and is also available in multiple different purchase options that are included in the subscription plans.

5. Native Instruments Traktor DJ

Native Instruments Traktor Pro 3

NI’s handset version of Traktor is based on the features and looks of the desktop app which could make its way in the list of best DJ software, but it pretty much its own application. In which the key version of Traktor gives its user flexibility and depth, iOS counterpart – that is all about easy to use with a forthright interface which makes it easy to play and browse tracks as well as mix them using the EQ, faders, and simple effects.

That doesn’t imply you cannot perform something interesting with Traktor DJ, although, it does feature cue points, aDJustable looper, and a freeze mode. You may also enhance the power with the SuperSlice add-on pack, too, that offers a tactile and neat way to add scratch, pitch shift effect, and reverse effects.

Traktor mobile app can use be of use with some of the NI’s own interface and controllers for more hands-on DJ’ing and pro-feeling experience. Regrettably on among the other features – the synchronising ability for track Metadata with the computer version of Traktor has not been included. Maybe it will be added in some future update.

6. PCDJ Dex


Along with all the stock features you may expect from a DJ software package – mixer, EQs, effects, etc. – PCDJ is featured with in-built video mixing and support for karaoke that makes it a remarkably flexible option for the event and mobile DJs. In terms of up-front DJ features, this software is packed with four virtual decks, with key-matching and beat sync capabilities. Looper tool and sample player are also included in the Dex.

PCDJ supports a properly wide-spread range of MIDI controller which makes it be used with the digital vinyl setup as well. Its trial version can be downloaded from PCDJ site.

7. Virtual DJ Pro

Virtual DJ Pro

This DJ software comes a little pricey, but it offers some greatly flexible “Pro” features. Most particularly, VirtualDJ can run everything up to 99 virtual decks – of course; it is not advised to mix 99 tracks at the same time. But it really is an enormous amount of flexibility. It is ReWire compatible as well which means that it can be used in conjunction with multiple DAWs that opens up a whole new world of performance possibilities.

The recent updates have added some more major features and tool into the mix. The last update, version 8, has rebuilt the entire audio engine by adding enhanced sampler, Sandbox feature for private mixes previewing, and more.

The latest Virtual DJ edition 2022 puts the main focus on visuals. Video skins now offer a way to project the DJ’ing skills live on the big screen, while the new visual too offers an automated way of generating video to accompany the DJ’s mix. There is another automated scratching tool which delivers new methods for broadcasting directly into the social media and also offers the new lighting compatibility.

The software further features the audio line-ins and also comes with mappings for an objectively extensive range of DJ controllers. If you are not willing to pay upfront, you may subscribe it on a monthly basis. There are also some free and controller-specific versions available for Virtual DJ.

8. Algoriddim DJay

Algoriddim DJay

Algoriddm is among the first DJ software brands that took the idea of mobile DJ application seriously. Its DJay Pro application is still among the best tools available on the Android and the iOS platforms. The app can hold on its own as a computer application too with same great features that are likely of some particular interest to a house party or a casual DJ – like the ability to directly load tracks from Spotify, and also the Automix AI tool which intelligently mixes and suggests tracks playlists.

The flagship version of the software supports the four deck mixing and also offers waveforms and turntable views. It consists of a sampler too, plus effects with an advanced track library. DJay Pro also features native support for almost 50 MIDI controllers and is amplified by incorporation with XDJ and Pioneer’s CDJ devices.

However, the pro version is much expensive comparatively anyway; it also comes in a cheaper version just under the title DJay that offers the exact core features and is also available for iOS watch platform. Download Algoriddim DJay Free trail

9. Image Line FL Studio 12 Producer Edition

Image Line FL Studio 12 Producer Edition

Highly popular among the professionals who write the DJ soft reviews for a living, the image line FL Studio 12 Producer Edition assures incredible music producing atmosphere. It has encompassed in the full-featured suite that allows the user to develop the best possible music. Editing and audio recording, MIDI step sequencing and piano roll, multi-touch support, and live performance mode come along the package. If that wasn’t enough to excite you, there are more than 30 software synthesizers and 40 effect plug-ins to select from while you are creating your latest track. VST 32 as well 64 bit, and DX, as well as FJ Native plug-in formats, are also supported by it including the ability to host additional DAWs as a VST or connection through ReWire.

By getting this package, you will be able to do the fine tuning of your creations with advanced editing functions and audio recording. You are allowed to record tracks without any limit till your computer is capable of handling it. After recording your music, you may mould and edit the sounds with the software’s wave editor which includes a huge array of functions like spectral analysis, noise reduction, convolution reverb, and loop-constructions.

If you are bored with editing or audio recording, you may play around with its 12 advanced routing and mixing options which will give you the capability to develop other productions. There are about 99 channels and mixer that can be used for a lot of different things like levelling, creating sub-mixing, and panning. It is essential to note that every channel of the mixer has a parametric EQ which can manage up to ten effects. Some of these effects are limiting, delay, maximization, compression, equalization, and distortion.

If this isn’t keeping you busy, the FL Studio 12 comes with many MIDI sequencing and recording functions. You may also choose from about 30 software synthesizers to cover synthetic bass or acoustic, electric guitar, multi-sampler tools like strings and piano, or beat-slicing and general playback. With this package, you can never go wrong. You will surely earn an amazing return on your investment. You can download your FL Studio free trail here

10.  Ableton Live 9 Intro DJ and Mixing Software with Sound Library

Ableton Live 9 Intro Ableton Live 9 Intro DJ and Mixing Software with Sound Library

Vastly popular among the professionals in the industry, Ableton Live DJ and Mixing Software are steadily rated among the best music production software that you may buy for the money. With this software version, you will be able to be more artistic than ever before. Create the song ideas and structures together by just dragging loops and sections of a song in the “Session View” option. Moreover, you can allocate MIDI controls, overdub, record loops, and also develop songs on a whim.

DJ’s, musicians, and music producers have all sanctioned of this package as the best solution for those users who want the affluence of creating, brainstorming, building, composing, and performing songs all on a single platform. Practise the virtual instrument package like the drum rack, i.e., 16 pad style, simple, classic synthesis-based sampler, and impulse advanced drum sampler, as well as the 7MIDI effect to develop the unheard and powerful tunes. If it’s not enough for you, this software gives you 19 audio effects that can range from lo-fi and stutter to reverb and delay. If what you want isn’t offered in this package, you may also add on additional VST or AU plug-ins.

Another prominent feature includes its ability to multi-track the records up to 192 kHz, 32-bit, 8x scenes, and 16x scenes that provides space for developing unique tracks, MIDI sequencing of hardware and software instruments, unlimited undo feature allows you to create without limitations, group track organizations for modest automation, and wrapping and real-time time-stretching capabilities.

The software suite has all that you want and also if you want more of the AU options or plug-ins, you will always have the option to add-on. There aren’t limitations in this package. Get Ableton 9 live here

11. PreSonus Studio One 3 Artist Recording and Production Software (License Code + Quick Start)

PreSonus Studio One 3

If you are searching for a PC DJ software which is easy to learn, use, and easy to set up, the Studio One Artist is mostly the first option among consumers. The package assures excellent quality and also offers inspirational features.

The software asserts drag and drop, flow-oriented interface, and even promises the ease of use so as the user is able to have fun while the tune is mixing. Added in version 3 are the latest virtual instruments, step sequencing for programming beats, enhanced ways to find the backing tracks, and an amazing interface which offers context-sensitive documents, multi-touch support, and some other enhancements as well. Other updated are usually mentioned by the customers is the content browser that lets you find, search, temp-matched loops, drag-and-drop, effects, presets, instruments, and samples with any hassle. The latest Presence XT expandable sampler along with Mai Tai polyphonic, and analogue modelling synth includes 36 64bit Native Effects as well as the five virtual instruments that make this package one of the best DJ software and an outstanding value for the investment. Additionally, advanced features like editing with groove extraction, transient detection, step recording, multi-track comping, and event-based effects have been included.

It must be noted that this software can easily be accessed once the license key is generated and registered with the developer. Get PreSonus Studio One 3 here

Are you looking for the best DJ software free of cost?

Selecting the best DJ software free that would match your needs unwieldy. In a paid DJ software you can get a lot of options. The most common used paid DJ software in the world are Virtual DJ, Ableton Live, and Tractor Pro. But what if you are not willing to spend any sort of money on a DJ software and still want a pro-feature-packed DJ software, we have amassed a list the best DJ software for pc and other platforms that you can avail completely at no cost.

Here is a list of such 10 DJ software free of cost that is available in the market:

1) Virtual DJ

Virtual DJ

Virtual DJ is undoubtedly the best DJ software available for free. The software allows the user to mix, record, and edit numerous audio sources with an easy to use interface. Its current version 8 is an upgrade over the previous version of the software in which a lot of pro features have been added. This software’s sandbox feature lets you create a mix when your audiences are still listening to it. The web-based feature asks you to create an account at the product website. Download Virtual DJ free here

2) Mixxx


Mixxx is also among the first few software that was offered for free. Mixxx is totally free and an open source DJ tool. It is excellent for mixing, matching, and programming of an audio file for live shows or maybe just for simple learning. It consists of features like Intuitive Pitchbend, BPM detection, and Auto DJ making this software stand apart among other best DJ softwares that are available in the market. It is quite simple to learn MIXXX instantly with FAQ, manual, and wiki available on its website easily. To get further support for the software you may join the community forums and ask other users of the software about your queries.  Download Mixxx free here

3) Cross DJ

Cross DJ

Cross DJ is one of the best DJ software and a great free DJ tool that has quite a simple interface and comes with four cool players, video mixing, and customization wave forms. Videos can be mixed in a simple manner just like audio would be mixed. In various terms, it can be simpler than a virtual DJ. You may even use a webcam input in order to stream videos right from the editing interface also even easily synchronize your video with the audio. However, a paid version of this software also exists, but this free version will be alright for almost 99% of one’s DJ needs. Download Cross DJ free

4) Zulu DJ

Zulu DJ

Unlike other mixers and DJ software that have only for decks, Zulu is one such software that has six decks. When an audio file is imported in mp3 or some other format, it does the scanning and assigns a beat to the audio. You may also decrease or increase beats per minute and add effects to it on the fly in order to generate the amazing audio effect. The software also allows you to import audio files easily by drag and drop option available in its interface which also lets you preview the audio while playing the music from a secondary output. Download Zulu DJ Free

5) PartyCloud Online

PartyCloud Online

Who needs a Mixer/ DJ Software on their PC? If a person can find them online for free, there is nothing like that. Relying on an online mixer or a DJ software on live shows is utter foolishness, but if you try software like PartyCloud online to create some great and amazing online music that too for free is not a bad decision. Though PartyCloud Online is not a software, it is an online web service that has over 20 million songs database coming from SoundCloud which is really amazing. Download PartyCloud Online free

6) Kra Mixer

Kra Mixer

Kra Mixer is among the best DJ software and DJ mixers that use FMOD sound engine, which is the same that is used I Xbox. Its features include BPM Matching with eight inbuilt sound effects. The software also has a Headphone option that may be used for Headphone Cueing that is superb for such type of software, which is absolutely free. All in all, it can be said that this mixer matches all the standards of a Pro paid DJ software. Download Krs Mixer here

7) TacTile 12000 Mp3 DJ

TacTile 12000

This is a visual DJ mixer/ software used for only mp3 files and lacks a dozen of features such as those that have been mentioned this list of best DJ software free earlier. But this software is robust and a performing freeware to the extent that mp3 DJ requirements are taken into consideration. This software has been coded in a Macromedia Director and a C++ plugin. You can avail it for free by downloading it at Sourceforge website. Download TacTile 12000 here

8) Serato DJ Intro

Serato DJ Intro

Serato DJ Intro is one of the best DJ software pc free to download that allows two decks of professional mixing on a pc. It locks all the tracks together for a smoother groove and comes with the support for iTunes as well. Moderately it’s a new kid in the block; it gets downloaded at a quite fast speed from various software download websites. The sample player used in this software can play about 4 short samples that include two audio tracks that a user mixes while the software is being used. Download Serato DJ Intro here

9) Blaze Free DJ

Blaze Free DJ

Blaze is a great DJ mixing tool that has a low battery latency sound engine that is based on ASIO. It comprises the spectrum coloured waveform that is pre-enabled in it. It also comes with synchronising ability. Blaze is basically a totally new software available free in this list, but it is power packed with like that of pro software. Download Blaze Free DJ Here

10) DJ Mix Lite

DJ Mix Lite

DJ Mix Lite is one of the finest and best DJ software and mixing tool for pc that has an in-built beatlock feature and has been designed to produce continuous music play with beat matching technique and crossfading of audio files of various formats. It doesn’t alter the video files. That is why the name has lite in it and is a good software for a beginner to try and get the DJ feel and learning about how to use DJ software. Download DJ Mix Lite here


How do we choose the best DJ software from your top picks?


There are various things that come into consideration while selecting the best DJ software that is available in the market. The goal is to research as many software products as possible so that consumers are provided with enough knowledge about these products that would help them to select the best for themselves. You might notice that the products mentioned above are among the best products that are available in terms of size, functionality, price, and versatility. We have gone through every single aspect of these software products on your behalf. Coming to the accord on just ten software products isn’t easy.

Here are a few ways that can be used to shortlist the best DJ software for you:


Make sure to stay in your budget and mean. There are a lot of products that are priced in high range but do offer the users the best deal of features. If you are an expert in DJ’ing and music construction, this may not even come to your thoughts to look for cheaper versions and expect to get the same results from anything with fewer whistles and bells.


Some people think that if they buy an item with the maximum features, it would be the best means to get the return on your purchase. Although, it is not essentially true because if you aren’t skilful enough to perform at the offered level by the package your software is offering or that you aren’t able to shape out the software interface, you are in real means slaying your hard earned money.

 Program Stability and Reputation

A lot of products are there on the web market, and people often buy anything without considering essentials before purchasing. This guide of best DJ software is created to save people from getting ripped off by the products that look amazingly great on paper yet are not of any use and junk when you get them in use. Program and reputation durabilities are critically important components and something that was taken seriously during our research.


Not all programs are developed to be compatible with your Mac or PC. We thought that this would be essential to consider while making our research. This is supposed to be a transparent clause as it is vital to know the compatibility of your operating system with the software package that you are going to purchase.

Interface and Layout

if the layout and interface of the product aren’t easy to use or was some sort of burdensome type in managing, it was made sure that we noted it down in its detailed description. The guide is to assist the customers in advancing their DJ’ing skills throughout the software use. It is not to set up for your failure by being partial about any such details about any product. If you aren’t well aware of this industry, the best option for you is to buy a basic software package initially and save some bucks unless after you have topped the basics to spend your money on a professional software program.


Reviews of our 3 best premium DJ software picks


Let us have a look at the most popular and our chosen picks for the best DJ software available from the premium section:

1) Virtual DJ Pro

let us have a look at some pros and cons of this great DJ software :


  • This software does almost everything a user wants from it, and it does those things well. You don’t have to pay for often available upgrades. It does both controller and DVS controller, it does VST plugins, it does video, and it doesn’t keep you locked into a particular brand of sound controller or interface. It works quite well. Also
  • It has very nice sidelist
  • The auto DJ also works pretty well with it
  • Does video/ effects very well
  • Premium members get songs on the fly, is handy, but is very aimed towards the bar/mobile DJ’s


  • it doesn’t have any diverse effect of newer computers, but it really is a CPU hog.



2) Ableton Live 9 Intro DJ and Mixing Software with Sound Library

Ableton Live is another most popular DJ software used in the industry who’s pros and cons are mentioned as under:


  • This software is insanely powerful and dynamic
  • It comes with great effects
  • It has undoubtedly a great time stretching
  • We can say that “sky is the limit.” It’s inconsequential to play synths, drum machines, or even loops that would be compatible with your DJ set.
  • It comes with insanely bendable routing.


  • With great features comes a hefty price. It might be a little expensive comparatively.
  • Mapping gets a little complex quite easily and quick. If you aren’t satisfied with these few options that are in the market.
  • It demands a nice level of audio engineering know-how to get something out of this package.
  • Decoding cache gets vast and painfully long.
  • If you aren’t well aware of this software, it will easily make you fall into its trap of pre-planning every move.
  • Also, simpler things like loops and hot cues can be a bit more complex than that of other systems
  • Is it impossible to DJ without wrapping everything

3) Serato DJ Pro

Serato DJ is for professionals like other two options. Here we go in looking at some pros and cons it comes with.


  • it consists of dual USB generic ports
  • it has stack-able wave-forms
  • it features include waveform viewing options/ multi-deck
  • it is uncluttered and consists of streamlined GUI
  • the software package comes with the simplified file management system
  • it has seamless integration with ITCH
  • We can say that it is practically a standard software at the majority of events and programs that any DJ plays
  • It comes with seriously rock-solid stability
  • The developers of Serato provide its users with top-notch support
  • You can avail updates for this dynamic software for free.


  • We didn’t specifically like the fact that ITCH and SL are two distinct programs for a lot of reason. However, the gap between the two continues to shrink.

Reviews of our three best DJ software free picks

We are all aware of the features and options that are available in the premium section of these DJ software packages. However, a wide range of such free software is available, that are best options to be considered by the beginners and some moderate DJs.

Down below are our 3 picked best DJ software free that you must consider before spending your money on the premium packages:

1) Serato DJ Intro

Serato is among the premium brands that are dedicated to the digital vinyl DJ’ing. This means that their DJ programs are developed to provide DJs with a genuine vinyl playing experience with a lot of added digital capabilities and convenience. However, the brand also comes in the free version of their software with some restricted abilities and features which is labelled under the name Serato DJ Intro. Down below are some of the pros and cons of this software that every DJ must consider before downloading:


  • Serato DJ is extremely used to use same as its premium version.
  • Its colour coding system lets users see the matching keys and track BPMs at a glance.
  • The deck like display of the software keeps the charm of a user’s vinyl-like experience.
  • All the effects of this lite version sound pretty great, and its ability to sort tracks into crates adds to its advantages
  • It works amazingly with the jog wheel DJ controllers
  • It is the perfect scratching tool in its segment


  • There aren’t any real drawbacks of this software when taken its segment into consideration. But if vinyl DJ experience isn’t your type, then you may look for another software or program.

Use this software if you desire to scratch without having your records scratched.

2) Mixxx

This may be one of the least known DJ software this list, but it is also one of the cheapest. And it comes at the lowest price of free; it wouldn’t get any cheaper than that. Such a low price tag does not indicate that no effort has been made in its development. Mixxx is an open source partnership among all the same type of mixers, all of whom are keenly focused on developing the best cheaper substitute for the most often used expensive typical mainstream DJ software packages. Does that hold up?

Let’s have a look at their pros and cons down below:


  • Pricing is a major plus with Mixxx. You actually have nothing at stake by trying this software out. As for its definite capabilities which are quite well too. It has waveform view, BPM detection, and looping and crossfading features just like its additional expensive counterparts, but certainly in much less detail.


  • This software’s MIDI abilities leave lots of things to be desired, and its interface is more often a little obtuse that make it a little complex to get the hold for some.

Use Mixxx software package if you are expecting to get more bang for your buck.

3) Zulu DJ

It is a music and DJ software pc app that allows a user to create his or her own playlists so that he or she can try a hand in being a DJ. The controls on this great DJ app interface are quite basic and self-explanatory – which means that a user should not have any complications in getting started with it. There are a few typical features that are missing in this DJ software though, and the key one is that it is impossible to haul the wave display manually so that we may find the exact you desire your track to begin from. It is, however, possible to choose the start points of a track, but it isn’t easy or accurate most of the times.

Let us have a look at some of its Pros and cons down below:


  • it can be a perfect beginner’s tool for mixing tracks
  • It comes with a feature that supports multiple audio formats such as mp3, acc, wav, etc.
  • it is quite simple and easy to use
  • it also comes with drag and drop interface


  • it is pretty much basic when it comes to advanced and professional DJs


As it is too basic for professional DJs, Zulus is pretty great for beginners and rookie DJs who only want to play around with DJ’ing. The synchronization button will probably match the tracks BPM that makes smooth transitions very simple. You may also set up your personal hotkeys for various features that Zulu is packed with. However, its virtual buttons are not much responsive.


Music production and DJ software don’t have to be expensive to be of great quality. By keeping the budget, price of the software program, reputation of the software, ease of use, and most importantly features offered by the developers in particular software, a user is bound to make a solid decision related to the correct type of software program as per his or her current and future needs of DJ’ing. With the vast array of availability provided in this guide of best DJ software, we have concluded that Serato DJ Pro in the premium section of DJ software and the Serato DJ Intro in the free DJ software section is the most feature-filled DJ software available in the market. Both the types of this software program come with as many fewer advantages when compared to all other options mentioned. However, it is advised to use the above-mentioned details and information about the products to make a sound and wiser decision while selecting the best DJ software for yourself.

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